Powerful Teams

Strong and healthy organizations are built by strong and healthy teams. Tina Lopes is a skilled facilitator with thirty years of experience building powerful and effective teams that are able to face challenges as a group with honesty and integrity.

Tina guides teams through a growth process. She has a unique ability to facilitate the exchange of ideas on sensitive issues in a respectful, conscientious and ultimately effective way, building consensus and fostering understanding. When Tina is in the room with a team, the energy shifts. Seemingly insurmountable challenges become opportunities for connection and growth, and positive changes are lasting.

“In a discussion on racism that Tina led with our team at Sinai Health System, she brought much wisdom and sensitivity to the experiences of team members, as well as concrete recommendations on how we could move forward. Tina is a brilliant facilitator and educator. Her knowledge comes from many years of study and research along with lived experience. She is truly a leader in working with organizations and teams to address anti-racism.” 

Marylin Kanee
Consultant and Former Director,
Human Rights & Health Equity
Sinai Health System

Key Processes

Facilitating the exchange of ideas on sensitive issues in a respectful, conscientious and ultimately effective way

Fostering consensus-building and understanding on divisive topics

Designing and facilitating democratic consultation and meeting procedures

“Our time with Tina Lopes was transformational. Our team was struggling to work cohesively and drive our work in a radical direction. We needed to repair our dynamics and confront big questions... Tina helped us find joy, perspective and collectivity again! We had her chart paper notes up for years, reminding us of who we were and where we wanted to go. Our consultation with Tina inspired important changes within our organization and our food bank network across Toronto.”

Reena Reddy
Manager, Programs & Services
Daily Bread Food Bank 

Key Skills and Experience

  • Identifies and deals effectively with different forms of resistance to change
  • Fosters a stimulating learning environment
  • Brings clarity to complex and emotionally charged issues, offering tools for people to engage their whole selves in the process: mind, body, emotions and a sense of a higher purpose
  • Offers alternative dispute resolution and conflict mediation to staff as needed

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