Leadership Development and Coaching

Tina guides leaders who aim to remain steady under pressure, appropriately attuned to the well-being of others, and able to ensure equitable distribution of opportunities and resources in fair and fiscally responsible ways.

Leaders must know how to use power well. This is particularly important when leading equity initiatives in our organizations and responding to the resistance in ourselves and others. We are not always conscious of the emotional needs that may be influencing our decisions. Our emotions and bodies are sources of profound intelligence. We will explore new tools for becoming more self-aware and skillful when making decisions, engaging with others and acting in the moment.

Coaching and leadership support must be different for leaders who are Indigenous, Black or racialized, especially if they also identify as women.

Tina pays attention to the ways in which racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination shape their experience of leading an organization, and works with each person to create the distinct supports and strategies they require for their unique circumstances.

“I thought I understood the concepts of equity well, however by working with Tina, I learned that I may have only understood the surface themes well. Tina helped me go deeper, and unpack; she helped me look through the layers to get me to a completely different place. Through my work with Tina, I gained a deeper understanding of how my identity as a white leader connects to the identities of everyone I work with. Racism is complex to work through, to understand our own experiences personally, but Tina helps us take each step in meaningful ways to create lasting change. In a very concrete way, I feel that I am now much better able to articulate the complexities of equity work, confronting racism, and dealing with issues of oppression.” 

John Malloy
Director of Education
Toronto District School Board

Key Processes

Customized leadership and development working sessions for senior leaders and interdepartmental work teams

One-on-one coaching to senior leaders as well as advice on emerging crises related to human rights complaints or community concerns

Acts as a critical friend to senior leaders championing equity, diversity and anti-discrimination initiatives

“As an Executive Director I have often had supervision from external sources but none have been as effective as the sessions I had with Tina. I was able to be honest with the situation and myself; which while difficult resulted in making the best decision or best choice in a given situation. I would not hesitate to recommend Tina to those who are looking to be more effective leaders and role models in their organizations.”

Mayo Hawco
Former Executive Director
Bramalea Community Health Centre

Key Skills and Experience 

  • Advises executive and senior leaders on strategies for change 
  • Prepares senior managers to engage skillfully on contentious organizational issues 
  • Coaches institutional leaders on effective daily supervision and dispute resolution among staff and service users
  • Strengthens leaders’ ability to communicate effectively with people of diverse identities
  • Ensures integration of equity and anti-discrimination policies into performance appraisals and individual staff work plans

Get in touch. 
Email Tina at tina@tinalopes.com, or connect via phone at 416-465-5386.