Organizational Development and Change

Tina will guide you through the process of integrating equity, anti-oppression and inclusion into key organizational initiatives.

She brings extensive experience working with management and employee groups to conduct systems reviews, formulate and promote new policies and programs, and develop action plans and customized tools for implementation. In addition to advising on strategies for change, Tina coaches senior managers to lead more effectively when contentious issues related to equity and diversity arise.

“It’s not a cookie cutter process she takes you through. She does a needs assessment to garner the needs of layers of your organization and pulls together a comprehensive strategy and builds components which might include learning experiences, curriculums, tools and more.”

Michael Bowe
Senior Manager of Equity
Simcoe Muskoka Family Connexion

Key Processes

Designing and delivering accessible learning opportunities for people of diverse identities and roles within the organization

Developing curricula customized to the job duties of team members, and designs tools to define and improve organizational structures, policies, and practices

Integrating equity into human resources policies and practices through working sessions with HR staff and interview panels

“In these times, there are a lot of reasons people can be divided. Tina has a way of being able to bring you together to be able to do the work. We are stronger and healthier as an organization after working with Tina Lopes. She was able to bring out the best skills and qualities in every person in order to be able to work together as a whole.” 

Rudy Ruttimann
Executive Director
SKETCH Working Arts

Key Skills and Experience

  • Experience working within a range of sectors including federal and provincial government departments, universities, school boards, community health centres, hospitals, child welfare agencies, arts organizations, law firms and various non-profits
  • Not afraid of exploring the tensions and conflicts that are a normal part of workplaces and team dynamics
  • Uniquely equipped to enter into an organization, establish rapport and create meaningful working relationships quickly  
  • Ensures that service users, employees, board members, and volunteers can access the organization and bring their whole selves to the space they are in

Get in touch. 
Email Tina at, or connect via phone at 416-465-5386.